The Five Hundred

A monthly flash-fiction challenge.

September 2014

Prompt: “It’s a long way down.”

Stories are due by close of business on 9.15.14. 

Please address all submissions/questions/suggestions/Melvins t-shirts to:

Suspension by Stephanie Roman

R.E.M. Sleep by Daniel Lamb

It’s a Long Way Down by N.E. Williams

Going Down by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Afternoon Dream by Anneke Bender

Spinal Stenosis by James Silver

Hang Time by Beth Volpert

Hurry Up and Wait by Rita Leslie

Toying Around With the Bottom Line by N.E. Williams

Bamboo Solitary by Mauree M. Culberson

Lunch Break by Ellaree Yeagley

Selfsame by Jeff McLeod

On the Cenote Floor by Alayna Tucker

It’s Always Darkest Before the Lightspeed by K. Anduze

What They Say About Still Waters by Dennis Johnston

An Angel At My Table by Benjamin Carr


August 2014

Prompt: “Will we ever get it right?”

Life Beyond What Life Has Become by Jeff McLeod

Star-crossed by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

This Time by Stephanie Roman

Ready To Submit? by Benjamin Carr

P.E.T.R.A. by K. Anduze

Friday Afternoon, October 2002 by Daniel Lamb

You’ve Got To Tear The Fucker Open If You Want To Be The Last One In by Rachael Borgman

Café Au Lait by Alayna Tucker

Fruitless by Beth Volpert

That Which Breathes Life To The Rot by John Lloyd Hannah

M42 by Nathan Spicer

Getting It Right by T.C. Ricks

Writing Checks Your Body Can’t Cash by Johnny Carroll

Unstoppable Force by Dennis Johnston

Blue Eyes by N.E. Williams

Sturdy by Jonathan Chandler

Romeo and Juliet and Chevy Chase by James Silver


July 2014

Prompt: “Don’t think about it too hard.”

Chicken Calling by Jyll Thomas

Stories by Dennis Johnston

Does It Really Matter? by Beth Volpert

He by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Untitled by Maria Khodorkovsky

Forever Never Comes by Amy Stufflebeam

Division by Zero is Undefined by James Silver

Windowless Tower by Jeff McLeod

Carrion by John Lloyd Hannah

Root Beer Float by Tony Jenkins

Trinkles by Alayna Tucker

Pest Control by K. Anduze

The Price of Doing Business by Mauree Culberson

Like, Wow! by N.E. Williams


June 2014

Prompt: ”If you catch my drift.”

Get Your Geta by Alayna Tucker

Otis by Jack Walsh

The Shining Knight by James Silver

The Commandant by John Hannah

Time Abstracts by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Unspoken Desire by Beth Volpert

A Wasted Trip by Jerad Alexander

Poppies by N.E. Williams

The Gainesville Ripper by Jyll Thomas

Notes from Bikini Atoll: 07.25.46 by Stephanie Roman

Encrypted For 7C by Jeff McLeod 

Neighbors by Dennis Johnston

Playing Against Type by Tony Jenkins

Academic Freedom by N.E. Williams


May 2014

Prompt: ”Let a little light in.”

Stella by Dennis Johnston

Those Little Town Blues, Greens, and Red by N.E. Williams

A Retriever by Jonathan Chandler

Bitches Get Stitches by Amy Stufflebeam

Starter by Jerad Alexander

Get Over Yourself by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Sun and Pancakes by Kate Allen Fox

Bad Day/Good Night by K. Anduze

Make It Uglier by Jeff McLeod

A Little at a Time by Beth Volpert

Phantom Band by Nicole Moody

Aperture by Jack Walsh

The Red Rabbits by Alayna Tucker

Stopper by Jerad Alexander

Wrong Will Be Right by Johnny Carroll

Until the Light by Stephanie Roman

The Last Words of Goethe by James Silver


April 2014

Prompt: “Leave your worries at the door.”

New York Gawkers by James Silver

Help Me Get Her Outta My Heart by Amy Stufflebeam

It’s Time by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Home by Jerad Alexander

How Many Tomorrows by Jeff McLeod

Lunacy by Dennis Johnston

The Dew Drop Inn by Sarah Harrell

Thursday 6PM- by Daniel Lamb

Diamond Enthusiast Party Seduction by Andrew Leidner

Fleeting Pleasures by Dwayne Grant

Tattered Jeans by N.E. Williams

Somewhere Dark by Patrick Knott

Run by K. Anduze

The Swimmer, Part II by Dennis Johnston

IPCB by Taylor Franks

First Time by Alayna Tucker

The Return of Stolen Goods by Jerad Alexander

Untitled by Beth Volpert

Blow Job Queen by Jyll Thomas

Christmas in July by Nicole Moody

Peaches by Stephanie Roman

The Weird Get Going by Matt Wilson


March 2014

Prompt: ”It slipped my mind.”

A Veil, A Parasite by Daniel Lamb

Obfuscation by Daniel Holzhauer

White Walls by Matt Wilson

Hey Man by Aric Davis

First Morning Drive by Jerad Alexander

Tinkering by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Kingston Town by Dennis Johnston

My Mistake by Jonathan Chandler

A Wonder I Don’t Fall by Todd Wesley Hellems

Escalation by Myke Johns

Loving Eyes/Can Never See by James Silver

In Lieu of Flowers by Rachael Borgman

Oops by T.C. Ricks

When Were We Lacking by Johnny Carroll

Plans Transfixed by Jyll Thomas

Like the Ones I Used to Know by Stephen McClurg

Recentering by Jeff McLeod

Low Cal Diet by Benjamin Carr

I Remember by K. Anduze


February 2014

Prompt: "Tear it down and try again."

Black and White and Greyjoy by Amy Stufflebeam

War Games by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

How We Make Unbreakable Walls by Racheal Borgman

Lynnie by Dennis Johnston

The Human Slinky by Patrick Knott

Rough Draft by Jake McMasters

Play Well by Aric Davis

Dragonflies by K. Anduze

Symbol in the Sky by Andrew Bellury

On with the Show by Jyll Thomas

In the Cup of the Beholder by Stephen McClurg

Wednesday Night by Daniel Lamb

Master of My Craft by Jonathan Chandler

I’m Here All Week by James Silver

Off Air Dreams by Matt Wilson

Last Days In The World Of Legs by Jeff McLeod


Prompt: "A thousand days gone."

1061 Days by Aric Davis

A Thousand Days Gone by Rachel Pendergrass

Harbinger by Dennis Johnston

Decisions, Decisions by James Silver

Body/Steam by Jeff McLeod

Stand and Fight by K. Anduze

Epitaph by Benjamin Carroll

Just Keep Writing by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Dane to Dust by Jyll Thomas

Ghazal for the Missing by Stephen McClurg 

Pecans by Daniel Lamb


January 2014

Prompt: “You’ve got the power.”

Against The Skin by Benjamin Carroll

Do You Even Lift, Bro? by Aric Davis

Powerless by Jeff McLeod

Relationship Status by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Morning Ritual by Daniel Lamb

Seduction by Benjamin Carr

Fish Story by Jyll Thomas

And God Saw That It Was Good by Dennis Johnston

The 302 by Johnny Carroll

Why Buy Local? by Dwayne Grant

The Balance by Amy Stufflebeam

Midnight Awaits by James Silver


December 2013

Prompt: “Name your price.”

The Hard Truth by Benjamin Carroll

To The Highest Bidder by Camille Rose Lee

Gone, Gone, Gone by Dwayne Grant

Five Bucks A Throw by Aric Davis

Second Chance by Jake McMasters

Tipping Point by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

The Drums Are In The Attic by Melanie Reyes

The House In Mill Valley by James Silver

Yard Sales Have the Best Bargains by Dennis Johnston

The Ungettable Gets by Amy Stufflebeam

Damn Shame by Johnny Carroll

name-your-price-dot-com by David Sugihara


November 2013

Prompt: “Don’t forget your roots.”

Little Joey by James Silver

The Colding by Dennis Johnston

I Don’t Want To Grow Up by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Grandfather by Daniel Lamb


October 2013

Prompt: “We’re on our way.”

One Foot Out The Door by James Silver

Final Flight by Dennis Johnston

Family Trip, 2002 by Daniel Lamb

The Usual by Dawn Wade

MacArthur Patrick Hobbes Is On His Way by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Life Disappears by Johnny Carroll


September 2013

Prompt: “How sweet it is.”

Outside by Dennis Johnston

Andy by Michele Kolb

January 15th, 1919 by Alex Higgins

Breathe In by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Messy Canvas by Johnny Carroll

Dad Dies by James Silver


August 2013

Prompt: "Let’s not get ahead of ourselves." 

Fake It ‘Til You Make It by Emily Hemsmith

A Curious Anomaly by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

Upstairs by Dennis Johnston

Samuel Quentin Kelley by Alex Higgins

The Horse Before the Cart by James Silver


July 2013

Prompt: “One step at a time.”

Stairs by Dennis Johnston

All of a Sudden and Suddenly… by Sheryland Neal

When Can I Use a Tampon by James Silver

The Real Me by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

What Was Called Forth by Harve Svensen

Same Old Song and Dance by Johnny Carroll